What criteria will be used to determine successful applicants?

Posted on December 5, 2020
Authored by : Chris Riehl

Applicants will be assessed on the following criteria. Successful applicants must meet most but not necessarily all criteria.

  • Safe at Home Impact: To what extent does the project provide an outlet, activity or event that encourages Manitobans to stay home? How many Manitobans are likely to participate?
  • Viability and feasibility to complete: Does the organization or artist have the demonstrated capacity to deliver the project quickly and prior to March 31, 2021?
  • Accessibility and Social Inclusion: To what extent does the proposed project reach the greatest number and diversity of Manitobans? Is the proposed project accessible for Manitobans who are disabled by barriers? Does the project provide targeted support to communities where staying home is of increased importance, based on public health advice? Does it provide targeted support to underserved communities or populations?
  • Collaboration and Capacity Building: Is the project being delivered by multiple organizations/artists? Does this proposal increase the applicant’s ability to deliver programs in the long-term?


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