What are the terms and conditions of the Stay at Home Grant?

Posted on December 5, 2020
Authored by : Chris Riehl

Terms and Conditions:

Grant Program Partner(s) include Manitoba Arts Council, Sport Manitoba, Manitoba Chamber of Commerce, The Winnipeg Foundation and the United Way Winnipeg. Manitoba’s Program Partner(s) and Manitoba government will review and adjudicate grant applications.

Expectations for Funding Recipients

To receive a grant from the Safe at Home Manitoba initiative successful Applicants (Funding Recipients) will be required to enter into a Funding Program Agreement with the Government of Manitoba. The Funding Agreement will include:

  • A description of the approved* program, activity or event (*Manitoba has final approval with input from Manitoba’s Program Partners);
  • The grant amount and how those funds will be used by the Funding Recipient;
  • Timeline for deliverables;
  • Requirement to comply with all applicable Public Health Orders and Guidelines;
  • Reporting and record keeping obligations;
  • Insurance and indemnification obligations (as determine necessary by Manitoba based on the type of program or event involved);
  • Promotional obligations; and
  • Any other terms and conditions Manitoba determines necessary.

Funding Recipients will be required to promote the Safe at Home Manitoba initiative, including:

  • Allowing Manitoba to post a link to their approved activity, program or event on the Safe at Home Manitoba web portal;
  • Acknowledging the Safe at Home Manitoba program funding wherever the program is promoted (web, print, social media, etc.);
  • Incorporating a video advertisement for Safe at Home Manitoba on any video or web-based programming;
  • Sharing and promoting Safe at Home Manitoba social posts on their online channels and participating actively with the program, in addition to their funded activities, programs or events; and

· Reporting program, activity and event outcomes and success to Manitoba via stories, photos and other creative content** that can be used by Manitoba to celebrate the impact of the program on an ongoing basis. (**The applicant is responsible for ensuring that participants provide the necessary approval for their stories, photo and other creative content to be publicly posted by Manitoba.)


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